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About Us

About our company

We are a family team of enthusiastic designers looking to produce unique quality vinyl stickers for indoor and outdoor use.

We are a small company growing steadily and gaining a lot of interest a long the way.  It all started as a bit of a hobby, but, after many requests by family, friends and friends of friends, we decided it was time to start expanding and supply to others.  We are always thinking of new ideas and are always willing to try and produce the vision of others so if we don't sell it doesn't mean we can't do it, just give us your ideas.

We look to provide the best quality stickers that we can at low prices with a good customer relationship and welcome feedback on all our items. 

Stickers is not all that we do... We have been approached by many wholesalers to see if we want to sell their items and if we like the look of them then we will.  So check out our other items category and see what we have to offer at great prices.

We hope that you like our website and all the items we have on offer, feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments.

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